Our Beginning

Early in 2008, prior to her retirement from the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department of the Santa Rosa School District, Jane Simmons, our Founder and President of the Vision of Hope Board of Directors, began thinking about the possibility of continuing to provide school to workforce transitional assistance to young adults with developmental disabilities.

Having worked with these young adults in the school district for many years, Jane knew that the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, and other agencies did not have the resources to continue to provide services to most of the graduating ESE students. In short, our community was facing, and continues to face a critical deficiency of transitional services for young adults with developmental disabilities.

In October of 2009, Vision of Hope, Inc. was formed as a Florida nonprofit corporation to address the need for transitional services for disabled individuals, including vocational training, job coaching, job placement, and supervised housing.

Vision of Hope is committed to providing these services to individuals who would otherwise remain on endless waiting lists.

Our Mission

Vision of Hope is a non-profit, Christian-based organization where young adults with developmental disabilities learn life skills, receive vocational training, job placement assistance, and other services and support they need to fully develop their potential.

Our comprehensive approach builds a bridge between secondary education and valued, responsible, productive futures.

Vision of Hope provides an environment where young adults with disabilities are encouraged to reach their full potential, enjoy a sense of fulfillment and independence, and live full lives. We achieve this by focusing on their individual strengths, skills, interests, and preferences.